FRESHFARM's food education program in partnership with DC Public Schools

FoodPrints is an education project of FRESHFARM that integrates gardening, cooking, and nutrition education into the curriculum at partner elementary schools. Watch the FoodPrints video to see our program in action. 

FoodPrints Friday: Volunteer Spotlight! - by Shana Donahue

One thing that makes FoodPrints class such a wonderful experience for students is our volunteer base.  It can be challenging for parents and guardians to dedicate time to cooking and gardening with students during a busy work week, but Ludlow-Taylor Elementary has been fortunate enough to have many volunteers throughout the school year. One volunteer of ours whose dedication is more than note-worthy is Mrs. Helen Sellevaag, or as we lovingly call her at Ludlow-Taylor, Ms. Helen.   Ms. Helen has been a devoted volunteer of FoodPrints since the program was introduced to Ludlow-Taylor in 2014. Ms. Helen, grandmother of pre-school student Maggie, has been committed to enhancing the FoodPrints experience of every student with the love, care and support she provides students with week to week in class and while in the garden.

Ms. Helen leads a cooking activity in FoodPrints at Ludlow-Taylor.

The FoodPrints team is very appreciative of our volunteers and extremely grateful to have such an adept and knowledgeable volunteer like Ms. Helen. Ms. Helen taught elementary school for 30 happy years before retiring just 6 years ago, and her talents as a seasoned educator are apparent to those that have witnessed her classroom management and ability to engage students in any topic.  Ms. Helen has a true passion for education and continues to fuel that passion by providing students with nutrition and gardening education. Ms. Helen, you are amazing and it is always a pleasure to have you with us. Thank you for your continued dedication to the FoodPrints program at Ludlow-Taylor!

- written by Shana Donahue, FoodCorps Service Member at FoodPrints at Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School