FRESHFARM's food education program in partnership with DC Public Schools

FoodPrints is an education project of FRESHFARM that integrates gardening, cooking, and nutrition education into the curriculum at partner elementary schools. Watch the FoodPrints video to see our program in action. 

Putting it All Together - by Ibti Vincent

4th grade FoodPrints classes at Watkins have focused on plant cycles this year. This week during our final lesson we put the pieces together, looking closely at the key elements and processes in our garden ecosystem. Students excitedly trekked through the vegetable garden on a scavenger hunt, seeking evidence of decomposition, germination, photosynthesis, pollination, and more! Our final cooking session of the year was quite a feast, too, featuring "Kitchen Sink Salad" and Garlic-Herb Butter Bread!

A 4th Grade FoodPrints student illustrates the garden ecosystem.

Written by Ibti Vincent